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The Excellence in Christian Music Academy (ECMA) has been created to equip music artists with the tools necessary to be successful in the music industry. Each year emerging artists participate in numerous award shows and programs with the hopes of winning coveted prizes and achieving industry recognition. The Excellence in Christian Music Academy will encourage growth and expansion of the artists, their careers and forward progression in the music industry.

The ECMA project represents a new era in the training, education, and development of musical artists. ECMA is shaping the future of the next generation of artists in the music industry. The ECMA reserves the right to accept or not accept registrations based on the appropriateness of the artist or material.

The ECMA process has been designed to provide a industry training program for each candidate and their team. Candidates are recognized based on their involvement in the educational training sessions provided and / or recommended by the ECMA committee. Successful candidates must complete educational training sessions in the areas of stage presence, vocal technique, public speaking, media relations, career management, marketing, distribution, studio technique, finances and media promotions.

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To work in partnership with members, creating content that educates, informs and inspires music arts.

Information is power, shared information is strategic power when used wisely it creates partnerships to help others achieve common goals and objectives.

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