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Our Mission

Teach the business of music, help music artists create quality content that inspires music arts

Our Mission is to work with partners, creating content that educates, informs and inspires music arts diversity.

The Strategic Music Partnerships (SMP) represents a collaborative organization of over 2,000 musicians, artists, and other music industry professionals working to establish partnerships that advocate the sharing of knowledge, training, seminars, performance opportunities, legislative information, and technological advancements in music and the music industry. The SMP has identified coordinators in each region of the United States that disseminate information, organize events, and mobilize members of the musical artist community. The SMP regional coordinators will promote and organize Excellence in Music Academy registration, orientation, and training sessions for the states within their assigned regions.

EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC ACADEMY(EMA) created to address the lack of a coordinated effort to equip music artists with the tools necessary to be successful in the music industry. This process represents the industry standard for artist recognition and encourage the growth and expansion of the artists, their careers, and forward progression of the music industry. The EMA primary focus on underserved independent music artist population.

SMP & EMA OBJECTIVES involve the development of a comprehensive, merit-based training and recognition program designed to elevate the performance and achievement standards of the professional artists. • Educate Artists about the music business. • Help Music Artists build a music business foundation. • Inspire music arts. • Help social disadvantage music artists advance in the music business. • Develop integrated training program comprise in-person and online training and coaching sessions. • Using the experiential knowledge of established music industry professionals to provide coaching and support for the EMA training candidates.

SMP & EMA CAPABILITIES SMP & EMA entities' capabilities include multimedia, education, training, and performances programs developed, and staffed by seasoned professionals and support volunteers. • Sound Recordings • Radio Station • Streaming Television Broadcasting • Information Services • Educational Services • Music Group and Artists • Performing Arts Promoters • Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers

Why StrategicMP

Information is power, shared information is strategic power when used wisely it creates partnerships to help others achieve common goals and objectives.

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The selection of Key Organizational Partners involves the strategy of combining past partners and sponsors who supported programming events we developed for our community of youth and senior citizens.

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