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Information is power, shared information is strategic power when used wisely it creates partnerships to help others achieve common goals and objectives. This organization will partner with members, organizations, advocates and music entities to share knowledge, performance opportunities, legislative information and technology advancements in music and the music industry.

Our proposal seeks to bring the art of music directly to residents of underserved locations by hosting concert series in the neighborhoods and at central locations accessible by all, some within walking distance and others via public transportation. The underserved communities are mostly minorities, who because of low income and limited resources are not able to enjoy musical concerts with diverse performances. The concert series will provide communities an outlet and outreach with emphasis on Senior Citizens and Young Adults.

Senior Citizens over the past 6 years have enjoyed our Concert Night Out Programs, where they boarded transportation and traveled to our Organizational Partner venue, THEARC Theater, SE Washington, DC just across the southern Prince Georges County, Maryland border.

Senior Citizens were residents of the following facilities, Fort Washington Manor, Clinton Manor, Clinton Nursing and Rehab, Fort Washington Health and Rehabilitation, and members of organizations, South County Development Association, Home Owners Associations, Churches and Clubs. The need is real, underserved populations identified in this proposal should have access to arts programs within their neighborhoods and at large communities. Because of special needs and disabilities of our target population we propose to take special concert events to facilities where Senior Citizens and Young Adults live. Those who seek careers in the arts will be assisted by our team of educators. They will provide information about music arts challenges and opportunities available to assist them in pursuing their dreams. We understand communities will have special needs and disability challenges, all event venues will be ADA compliant with a special focus on accommodations to support residents with special needs or devices.

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